Preliminary notice 5750 Panorama Drive (IGA-adjacent lot) (181 TOWNHOUSES, 106 APARTMENTS, 3 COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS)

Link to planning department report to city council. March 7th 2016.

Update June 27th 2016///////////
After several residents and organizations spoke at the public hearing. The following motion was presented by councillor Tom Gill.
That "Surrey Official Community Plan Bylaw, 2013, No. 18020, Amendment Bylaw, 2016, No. 18683" be referred back to staff to work with the Applicant, and the Surrey School Board, to determine how the project can be phased and structured to coincide with new school construction in South Newton."

Update July 15th 2016/////////////
As per Keith Broersma, city planner, this will be presented back to council on July 25th 2016

Notice date: 
Wednesday, November 4, 2015